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Reinforcing mesh

What is reinforcing mesh?

Reinforcing Mesh is a welded wire product which is suitable for reinforcing general concrete pavements, Raft slabs, suspended slabs, footings and walls.

what types of mesh are there?

There are 3 variations of mesh in the Ausreo range; Rectangular Mesh, Square Mesh and Trench Mesh. The most commonly used is the Square Mesh of which there are 7 variations and are regularly used in the residential and commercial sectors of the construction Industry. (For more details, see table below.)


Code Longitudinal Wires: Number x Size (mm) @ Pitch (mm) Cross Wires: Number x Size (mm) @ Pitch (mm) Approx Mass Kg/Sheet


10 x 4.77mm @ 200mm

+4 x 4.00mm @ 100mm

30 x 4.77mm @ 200mm



10 x 6.00mm @ 200mm

+4 x 4.77mm @ 100mm

30 x 6.00mm @ 200mm



10 x 6.75mm @ 200mm

+4 x 4.77mm @ 100mm

30 x 6.75mm @ 200mm



10 x 7.60mm @ 200mm

+4 x 5.37mm @ 100mm

30 x 7.60mm @ 200mm



10 x 8.60mm @ 200mm

+4 x 6.00mm @ 100mm

30 x 8.60mm @ 200mm



10 x 9.50mm @ 200mm

+4 x 6.75mm @ 100mm

30 x 9.50mm @ 200mm



25 x 7.60mm @ 100mm

60 x 7.60mm @100mm



Square Mesh

Available in 1 sheet size; 5.85m x 2.400m (except SL81 which is 5.95m x 2.400m). Effective size of all our square mesh sheets is 5.8m x 2.4m. This mesh is commonly used to strengthen flat concrete elements like slabs, industrial factory slabs and walls.


Rectangular Mesh

Only available in 1 sheet size; 5.85m x 2.400m. Effective size of all our rectangle mesh sheets is 5.8m x 2.4m. This mesh is commonly used when reinforcing thin concrete elements giving strength when needed in a certain direction.


Trench Mesh

Available in 6.000m lengths and varying widths from 200mm - 500mm wide depending on trench width requirements. There are 3 main wire sizes available; 8mm, 11mm & 12mm. 16mm is also available but not regularly stocked. Trench Mesh is commonly used for residential footing trenches, rock and brick wall footing trenches.


DIY Square Mesh

Available in 4.000m x 2.000m only. This mesh is commonly used in driveways, pathways and do it yourself small projects. Only available in SL62, SL72 & SL82.


how do i work out how much mesh I need?

Here is a simple way to work out how many sheets of mesh you require for your slab. Simply calculate the total slab area and divide that total by 12.2.


For example: Your slab is 10m long x 8m wide = 80m2. Divide slab area 80m2 / 12.2 = 5.56 sheets, round up to 6 sheets of Mesh. This formula also allows for lapping as per industry standard.


how do i work out how many bar chairs I need?

Bar Chairs are generally calculated at 22 chairs per sheet of mesh. Bar Chairs are available in pack sizes of 100 for the smaller chairs and 50 for the larger chairs.  


Product Certification (ACRS)

It is important to note, ensure products you purchase are ACRS approved.

ACRS is a Third Party
Australasian Standards
Certification & Verification of
Reinforcing, Prestressing &
Structural Steels Compliance
of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, on behalf of the construction industry.

It is important to ensure the supplier’s current certificate is of the relevant type - Steel Mesh (Fabric) Manufacture to AS/NZS 4671 and that the material types, sizes and processes of your intended supply are included on the certificate, and lastly that there is an unbroken chain of certification from the ACRS Certified mill to the ACRS Certified rebar processor, to you.


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